Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas from the Larsons (a little late!)

Edit to Add: You will want to turn off the music at the bottom of the page.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas in Reverse? (well, the pictures are anyway!)

Shalom liked her new Baby from Great-Grama T!

The girls with their new Babies from Great-Grama T.

Our "low-budget" Christmas tree.

Shalom and Ruth helped decorate the "tree."

Grandma Larson got us some plastic stick-on decorations, which included a fully decorated tree. The girls and their Papa thought it could do with more decorations, so they added some "snow" to the tree.

We had a very nice day together. We all woke up about 7:30 (um...Ruth considers that sleeping in!), and then got dressed. While breakfast was baking (an egg bake. It had shredded cheese on the bottom, eggs in the middle, and more cheese on top. Bake it for 30 minutes at 350, and there is breakfast. Yes, it really is that simple!), we read the story of Jesus' birth. After breakfast, we read about his death and resurrection. In our family, the important part for us is what Jesus did for us in his entire life...not just the birth.

After reading about Jesus, we "put up and decorated" our Christmas tree. Then the girls opened their gifts from Great-Grama Taylor. They each got a baby doll (I am noticing a theme here!!!). As soon as Shalom got the wrapping off of her gift, she said in a high pitch voice "BEBE!!!" I think she liked it...she carried it around til naptime, and then slept with it!

By the way (on a non-christmasy note), Shalom is learning new words by the hour it seems. We JUST (as in while I was trying to type this out) went through a book on shapes, she said in rectangle!!! Yep...this is considered bragging, although I didn't do anything but tell her what the shape was!

Monday, December 22, 2008

A Visit with a Friend + Family pics

First family photo in several girls are SO BIG!!!

For the Grandparents - by the way, this is Shalom's "cheese face"...she just started it in the last month or so.

In case you thought I was was exaggerating...

I thought I would give you a close-up of my Beauties!

A family pic with Debi in it. Debi and I realized we have known each other for many many moons...YEAR in fact - seven of them. We were roommates in Bible School for a year, and then she showed up at Friend Ships...and helped set me and Josh up together! We have been thru a whole lot together - laughter, tears, frustrations and joys.

I love Debi Stout! (Josh does too, I don't know why he is so serious in the pic!)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Merry Christmas from the Larson Family

December, ‘08
Hello All!
Merry Christmas from the Larsons!
I have had a desire to write this newsletter for quite some time now. I was hoping to print out something with pictures and fancy trim, but finances have not been available for that.
I don’t normally speak of our finances to anyone. It is something Rebekah and I try not to speak of, because we do not wish to make anyone feel pressured to support us…or to give because they feel sorry for us.
But…well, I have been a missionary for over five (5) years now. And there are times when I feel so…???…so grateful to God… There are times when it seems like God wants to make sure we know that He is in control and that we are right where He wants us. These last few months have been one of those times.
May I share with you a little of these last few months, so that we can reaffirm to you that our Lord is still on the throne and He still takes care of His children?
Finances have been low for quite some time now, and we have cut our spending as low as possible. So low, in fact, that we have not bought meat for…Boy, quite some time. We didn’t share this with anyone though.
It wasn’t even a month after we used up the last of our meat from the fridge that I came across a large amount of canned tuna that had been discarded, I said, “Thank you, God.” and took it home. About a month or two ago, a friend knocked on our door with a bag full of ground pork, sausages and bacon. Thanks, God. Shortly after that, another friend stopped us alongside the road and gave us a bunch of bread. Thanks, God. And again, someone else gave us a bag of hamburger, bacon and sausages. And recently we were given quite a bit of turkey. Wow, God. Wow…thanks! So as of right now, there is more variety and quantity of meats in out freezer than I have ever had before!
As I sit here trying to compose this letter, I feel blown away by God’s love for me and the family He has given me.
I could go on and on and tell you about so many ways my Lord provides for us, the Larson family - but there just isn’t enough paper…or printer ink for that!
I think the less a person has or possesses, the more grateful he is for the plenty God does give him. At least that is how it is with me anyway. God is good.
I hope this has encouraged you to keeps on doing what God has for you to do. He does provide for His work to be accomplished. Amen?!!??!
Our girls are growing and learning very quickly. Boy, they’re cute! Rebekah tries to keep our blog updated, so that you, our friends and family, can see what we are up to if you wish.
Rebekah is pregnant and due around the middle of June. Boy, Ruth - our first - is such a joy and pleasure, then Shalom came and doubled that! It is hard to imagine having three little buddies and helpers! God is SO good.
Work is busy as always. The office says this is our slow season?!?!? I’m not sure why they say that. The shop still has a nice long list of cars to work on. Maybe it is wishful thinking on their part?!!? In the last six months we have packed two containers for Ghana, one for Liberia, one for Honduras, and Haiti. We have also sent off two or three school buses (each) packed full of stuff for Haiti and Belize. Our loaner cars have been coming and going so much I can’t keep track of them. Fortunately, it is not my job or I would be even balder than I already am. The cars we purchase and repair for people in ministry - if I were to guess how many we work on in the shop, I would say it was 2 - 5 a month. Then there are always landscaping projects going on. And the 10 - day Mexico trips over Thanksgiving and Easter. As you can see, there is plenty of work to keep a fellow busy!
Thank you for your prayers for us - and your support of us - as we continue to serve our Lord here at CMTS.
Please feel free to keep up with us on our blog or write to us any time you wish.


Joshua, Rebekah, Ruth, Shalom and “Little Tyke”

The Larson Family
321 Focht Rd.
Bernville, PA 19506

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Because it has been a while...

...and I know you need a Larson girls fix...

...I thought I would share some pictures with you... remind all of my girls adoring fans...

just how cute Ruth and Shalom really are!

Okay, now that I finished that...I will update you on my beauties.

Ruth is QUITE the character. Between the sarcastic "'Course not!!!" and "Nomie's Turn/did it/wants to" Josh and I are fairly kept in stitches. Every so often, you will hear the pitter-patter of little feet, along with a "CHARGE!!!!" followed by a "headbutt" from Ruth's bunny.

Shalom is gaining character too - not quite like Ruth's though. When asked a question, if the proper response is yes or no, you can be sure to see Shalom's head moving in the proper direction. When asked if tired, a quiet, "uh huh" will be her response. Shalom is getting in two molars, and one of those little teeth right next to the front teeth. She has not complained a bit, not had any physical signs of teething! SO glad for the Peggy Larson constitution!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


The CFHusband and their family are in need of our prayers. I have linked to their site under their name. Apparently, Tricia isn't responding to the treatment like she should. The family is discouraged and could use our prayers.

Please pray!


Friday, October 3, 2008

My Girls

Ruthie-Bear in a ~yes, I am going to say it~ Princess Dress!

This one is for Danette. Can you see the helm?

This is for Uncle Chris and Aunt Allison. Shalom is wearing a Steeler's jersey.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Just thought I would turn your attention to the bottom of the in scroll all the way down, and look just above the music selection.


The Larson Family is growing! We will add a new little one some time in June!

Friday, September 26, 2008

A Blast from the Past...Well, Last Year, Anyway

I found these pics in the camera my sister got me 5 years ago.
I can't believe how young the girls look!
This is common, although I no longer have to hold up Shalom's face.
Such a tiny baby!
Was my walking Shalom-Girl ever really that tiny!?!?!?

By the way, the date on the pictures? September 17th, 2007

Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Daughter, the toy-ibal

You thought she was sweet,
You thought she was shy,
But she had you fooled!
My Shalom~Girl chews on her toys!

So, now that I have thoroughly scared you away from my little girl...

Shalom is now walking. She sometimes will "crawl" on her hands and feet if she wants to go really fast, but currently, her favorite mode of travel is walking. She loves to show off her moves! Shalom is still pretty wooden in her walking, but she is walking nonetheless!

Ruth is amazing. A woman asked me to day if she was 3 or 3 1/2! She couldn't believe all that Ruth can do (amazingly enough, she was just sitting at the lunch table using a fork!), she thought she was SO advanced for her age.

I made Chocolate Banana Bread today. Ruth asked if she could sit on the counter, so I let her - she wanted to be in on the action. The as I was mashing up a banana, Ruth said, "You wanna mash 'nanas?" Um...I already am! She repeated herself several times, then I had an idea, and I said, "Ruth, do you want to help me mash the bananas?" She nodded her head with much enthusiasm. I held her hand on the fork, and we mashed together. We both had fun being silly and mashing 'nanas!

So, apparently, people outside my house can hear anything going on inside! I happen to sing really silly songs to my girls after their naps - off-key, really loud (can you say major trauma!) to get them in a silly mood while we clean up and prepare for Papa to come home. Songs like "Magalina Hagalina-Oopa-Topa Whapa-topa-Oka-moka-poka was her name," and "Polly-wolly-doodle-all-the-day." Or I will read the "Ah-Choo" book. It is a book about a farmer and his wife who get the flu, and because they sneeze on everyone, their dog, cat, cow, pig, sheep, owl, rooster, chick, and mouse all get the flu too. Then the doctor comes, and everyone is in bed with the fever, and the very last page is of the docotr sneezing at the reader. Almost all of the words are "Ah! Ah! Ah CHOO!" When I read it to the girls, I sneeze REALLY LOUD, making a whole big deal out of it. Tuesday evening, I had read it before we went to pick up Papa, and one of the shop guys was outside my house. He asked me if everything was ok...

Then there was the time Ruth and I had a competition to see who could get to the bathroom first. We were both running down the hall screaming, "It's my turn! No, MY TURN!" Yep...the very same guy heard that little exchange too! Oops!

By the way, I got to the bathroom first.

Post-Haircut, Pre-Bathtime!

I love my case you can't tell by the amount of picture I put up of them! Every so often, I get this urge to cut hair. Unfortunately for them, my girls are always available! I don't "experiment" on their hair, I just try to cut it evenly (easier said than done!). For instance, I am learning why beauticians - when cutting a woman's hair - cut it one layer at a time starting from the bottom! Because it won't end up in a straight line when dry - no matter HOW straight you cut it!

That Was Then, This is Now


How time...
Seriously, it was just a year ago when Ruth was barely fitting into this dress. Shalom could barely get her fingers in her mouth, or stay awake for several hours at a time. Now look at them!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Daughter...the model?

Ruth got to be a model of sorts at the beginning of September. The wedding was in a hay barn, and it was rainy, so the photographer wanted to practice with different lenses.

By the way, Ruth started wanting to wash dishes by herself. She had helped Don (the cook here at CMTS) clean up after lunch a couple times last week and did the dishes for him a couple times. Anyway, Thursday or Friday of last week, she asked me if she could do dishes. I let her wash the plastic plates and cups we have. She lost interest halfway thru the job, but the dishes she did do were clean! Well, just 10 minutes ago, I went into the kitchen because she didn't come when I called. The sink was overflowing...Ruth wanted to do the dishes!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

'Cuz my Kids are Cute!

I can't believe how much older Ruth looks with her hair away from her face!
This is what we did.

Shalom wanted in on the camera action! Looks like she is practicing for a new sibling?!?!?!? No...we are not pregnant!

Ruth wanted to show you all what she is reading these days!

Also, for those of you that have been worried: Shalom is trying to walk now. She has initiated taking a couple wobbly steps from furniture to Mama and Papa recently!

Just thought we would share!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

People Touching the World

I sit here at my computer in awe. There are people everywhere touching the world, and I have been privileged to see just a few of them. They fall into several different catergories. Some could be labeled grief, some triumph over death. Whatever the label may be, they have touched me, and I wish to share them (yet again) with you. Maybe my point will be gotten across to all of you who read my blog (Melody, Danette and Debi! ;)), and your lives will be touched as mine is continually.

  • Nate and Tricia Lawrenson ( have a tremendous story. Tricia recently has a double lung transplant. Now she is fighting cancer. I can't explain with words what this blog means to me. Sure does snap me out of a crappy attitude! I face nothing compared to their trials! A thought just hit me! The following passage of scripture just hit me between the eyes as I sit here writing about Nate and Tricia. Am I allowed to dedicate this passage to them?
    "And not only so, but we glory in tribulations also: knowing that tribulation worketh patience; And patience, experience; and experience, hope: And hope maketh not ashamed; because the love of God is shed abroad on our hearts by the Holy Ghost which is given unto us." ~Romans 5:3-5
  • Todd and Angie Smith ( share the story of their pregnancy, the birth and death of little Audrey and the grieving process in which they are enveloped. They remind me of the passage in scripture that talks about being able to comfort others because of what they have been thru (pretty sure it is in one of the Corinthians.)
  • Joel and Dess Butler ( have a great story. Because I have seen into and been apart of their story (not just their blog - but their LIFE story!), I would call it "God Redeeming Time Stolen."
  • Danette Bjornstad ( is the story of a girl turning into a woman! Again, her whole story is not in her blog - but you will get a good picture of it! Because I have seen it personally, I know where Danette was, and where she is now. She is growing with God, hungering for God and seeking His will for her life. In the process, she is traveling the world (sucessfully and unsuccessfully) - but she is growing and learning from it! She is the treasure of great worth found in the field!
The above people have touched my life. I encourage you to be touched by them.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Craven Wedding 8-3-08

I guess you could call this a family picture?!?!?
I wonder what is keeping Shalom's attentions?
I do believe we were waiting for the Bride at this point.
Ruthie-Bear and Sara have a long history together! Sara came to Friend Ships shortly after we found out we were pregnant with Ruth. Sara and I would hang out while I did dishes in the mess hall, and she would hold Ruth (between 3 and 8 weeks after Ruth was born). Sara ran around like a crazy woman with me to get Ruth her shots - I forgot some paperwork for Ruth, so we had to go all the way back to the ship, and then all the way to the shots place! Grrr...Mommy Brain had struck again! Sara actually sat in the room with me when Ruth was getting her shots - totally forgetting that shots make her puke! Sara also went with me to several places to try to get some money sent to us from Grandma Parker via Grandma Larson - and then to WalMart where we bought over $1000 worth of formula for the Israel trip.

It was really good to see Sara and Matt get married. Also to visit with friends we hadn't seen in FOREVER! Thanks for getting married, Matt and Sara, so we could all get together!

Can you say stuffed?

Where did it all go?
In Here!
And Here!
And Here!
Yes, I ate some pizza, but I was the one taking pics, and the owner of the blog! So there!

Just kidding. This post actually goes AFTER "For the First Time in Married Life..."

For the First Time in Married Life...

Josh can't remember the last time he had pizza. He remembers liking it, but doesn't remember what it tasted like, etc. Well, yesterday, Ruth and I felt adventuresome - so we made Papa pizza...with a spelt crust!

Vegetarian Pizza - not my first choice, but since Josh can't eat pig - we went for Veggie Supreme!

Papa and Ruthie enjoy their pizza.
Lomish did too!
Umm...Ruth actually posed that way for the picture. Who needs HAM on a pizza when you have it at the table already!