Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Shalom: "Oh Brother! Mama has the camera out!"
Ruth: "Quick, let's act like we like each other!"

Ruth: "So, did you see that episode of..."
Shalom: "I don't know what you are talking about!"
Ruth: "I'm TRYING to act NORMAL!!!"

Shalom: "Now Ruth, you better be nice to me! I can tell Mama ANYTHING, and she will believe me! I could get you into SO MUCH trouble..."
Ruth: "All right, so what do you want me to do this time?"

Friday, May 16, 2008

Two Peas in a Pod!

This doesn't do justice in showing the tiny area Josh had to work in!

Layin' down on the job?!?!?

See the dirt and crud around her mouth?

Would Shirley Temple get this dirty?

This doesn't do justice to the amount of dirt on her! I had to scrub her calves, a thigh and both arms with a toothbrush and dishsoap!

So, almost two weeks ago, the Larson's won a gamble (try fixing this part, if the car starts after - it is yours) and now own a car. It is a raspberry Nissan Maxima. Josh is working on getting the car up to inspection standards. In the pictures of Josh, he is trying to get the nuts and bolts (can you tell i don't know what I am talking about!?!??!) off of the exhaust manifold to look at it.

Ruth, Shalom and I spent a couple hours in the shop with Papa while he was working on the car. I got to "help" Josh - by holding the light, and catching the pieces, and got my hands, shirt and hair thing (don't ask me how, I don't know!) all greasy. Ruth spent time entertaining Shalom - when she wasn't on my back - and cleaning the floor with her rear end, and sorting thru dirty bolts cleaning them with her saliva...Truly, this girl is EXACTLY like her Papa!



Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day at Cabela's

Where on earth did I get a sassy child?!?!?!

"What? I'm eating, OK?"

SO CUTE - both of them!

Is she cool, or what?

Yes, I did request to go to Cabela's for Mother's Day. We call it "The Stuffed Animal Zoo." A cheap place to watch Ruth be cute! Ruth and I shared a Roasted Ostrich Wrap, and the four of us shared a basket of fries.

By the way, Shalom is eating these days. We are sticking to orange foods right now. Sweet potato, carrots and pumpkin. She loves them.

In the last month, I have become a penny-pinching Mama! Instead of going to Sam's to buy laundry soap, I have started making my own laundry soap and - are you ready for this - it actually cleans Josh's grungies! All it is is two bars of Irish Spring ($7?? for 20 bars), shredded and melted in hot water, added to 4 gallons of hot water that has a cup of Borax ($3?? for 76 oz.) and a cup of Washing Soda ($2?? for a box) in it. Add all that together, and you have 5 gallons of laundry soap for REALLY cheap!

I have also started making bread with a sourdough starter. GOOD BREAD! And...drum roll, please...it can be made with spelt flour, oats, and or cornmeal! That means I can make homemade bread that Josh can eat!

That's all for this past month. Now that I have our camera back, I will be taking MANY more pictures to share with you all!