Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ruth's first attempt at a green thumb...

One day, coming home from picking up Papa, Ruth decided she wanted to bring home some Morning Glory seeds to grow the pretty flowers.  She and Josh sprouted them.  They put the seeds in a cup on top of a piece of sock, and got the sock JUST moist.

After a couple days, the seeds sprouted.  They left them in the cups until the sprouts were quite long.  Some were trying to imbed themselves into the sock material.

This would be a picture of the sprouts in dirt.

After a day or two, the sprouts shot up thru the soil.  This is after a couple days growth - obviously.  If you look closely, you can see the roots heading toward the bottom of the cup.

Ruth waters her morning glories as often as Papa will let her.  Soon the hope/plan is to put them in a pot next to the trellis by our planter in hope that the morning glories will cover the planter next summer!

Go Ruth!  By the way, I stay out of it...I might kill her flowers!  I inherited a BLACK thumb!

Dinner for Five

Somebody small is now joining the family at the "Big Kids" table!

She seemed pretty proud of herself at lunch today.

Josh rigged her chair so it would be more stable at the table.  Isn't he clever?  I sure do like him!  ;)

See...she even has a prim and proper smile, just as a Gracious Lady should! 
And no, I did not take pictures of what she looked like AFTER eating.  It would ruin the prim and proper image!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


So...I am going to explain why I photo-barfed a bunch of pictures below this post.

Because my girls are cute...and I wanted to!

Love Rebekah  =)

Finger Painting - Or Arm-painting, if your name is Ruth!


Hanging Our Art on the "Fridge"


For those of you who know the character of my children...can you guess who painted which pictures?  Here is a hint...Anna did not paint any of them!

Winter/Christmas Decorations

Is it silly to be so very proud of my first ever art project since middle school?  Too bad, I am INSANELY proud of these two little pieces of paper with paint on them!

The Aftermath