Monday, June 25, 2007

Three Weeks Left!

I know I am not looking at the camera, but this picture looks best of the two Josh took on Sunday morning.

Are you ready for what I am about to tell you? Probably not, but I will tell you anyway...I am 3 cm dilated! No, I will not be going into labor early - the Baby is still pretty high yet. Dr. Stelly said that the best way to tell when you will go into labor, is by when you went last time. So, Larson #2 will probably show up around the 18th...if Ruth is any indication as to when the baby will come, because she came two days "late."

Just thought I would let you all know!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Well Babies and a Pregnant Mommy

Ruth is getting SO big! While she is not yet 20 lbs, so is so close it isn't funny. Ruth weighs 19lbs 6oz. and she is 28 1\2 in. long! She is amazing! Three months ago, she weighed 17 lbs. 7 oz - so I WAS right, she HAS gained weight!

I, on the other hand, HAVE NOT!!!!!!!!!!!! If you can't tell, I am VERY happy with this!

Josh came with us to Ruth's Well Baby visit, and was amazed at how small all the other babies were! It IS a shocker to think that very soon, we will have a tiny baby that will seem weightless compared to Ruth! Life and God - mostly God - are truly amazing, don't you agree?

Sunday, June 17, 2007

FOUR Weeks Left

So...tomorrow morning we go to see my doctor...and then we take Ruth to the other side of the building for her one-year Well Baby visit and her one-year shots. I can't wait to tell you all how big she is! Josh and I have noticed - within the last day or so - that she has gotten taller. For instance, this evening, she climbed up onto a 5 gal. bucket - couldn't do that last Sunday. When she sits in different seats in the house - such as her potty seat - her feet touch the floor, whereas they didn't a couple days ago!

I will definitely write more tomorrow after the appointments. Right now there isn't a whole lot to say except that, I never knew I could love two people like I love Josh and Ruth...and now I get to learn even more about love, because of our new baby!

By the way, there is a woman here at Friend Ships who likes to go out into the community and tell people about Jesus. She makes those bracelets with all those colors on it that stand for something in her "sermons" to people. Anyway, she likes to hand out Bibles if she can - and she has been praying that Friend Ships would be given Bibles. Well today, Josh and I were given 11 CASES of Bibles to give to the warehouse. Just another way to show you how God provides for Friend Ships!

Friday, June 15, 2007

One Year Old!

Ruth is a year old today! I can't believe a year has gone by...
Was it really only a year ago that I didn't have her in my life? My, how boring my life was!

My brain has frozen with lack of sleep. Thank you all who love my daughter! She is very dear to us!

Josh, Rebekah and Ruth

Monday, June 11, 2007

Five Weeks Left!

So, obviously this is not a belly shot. Our camera ran out of battery juice... Oh well, I doubt things have changed much since last week.

I am sure I told most of you that Ruth can climb/slide off of our bed now. And I was so happy, because at least she didn't know how to climb up into our bed. Well, things have changed.

Picture this: A beautiful Sunday afternoon, everyone more than ready for a nap. I am laying on my right side - the only comfortable place for a huge pregnant woman like me to sleep. I open my eyes, and there grinning at me - much like the grin in this picture - is my Baby Girl...who isn't supposed to be able to reach this high. No, she did not spring up in height in just an hour...SHE CLIMBED UP THE SIDE OF THE BED!!!!! AAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH!

This child loves to learn and explore her boundaries. The SCARY thing is - SHE HAS NO FEAR! What do you do with a child who has no fear?

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

End of Israel Trip to Now

Ruth and her hard hat
Ruth standing up...
Ruth Cooling her jaw while teething - we made the most of it!
Ruth, helping Daddy and learning about dirt (she eats dirt, and then has the nerve to be picky sometimes!)

Lady in Red.

Ruth's Firsts

Ruth's first hairdo
Ruth, Josh and I in front of the Sea of Galilee
Mama, why is it so QUIET on the ship?
The Newest Member of the Israeli Defense Forces!

Ruth: A Year in Pictures

Ruth STILL makes this face when she gets mad!

During Disaster Relief Training
This stuff is TOO intense for ME!

See, Grandma Larson and Grammy, I will be safe on the ship!
I even have Mama to suck my other thumb for comfort (Who is comforting who??!?!?!)


I woke up this morning, and I looked at our alarm clock (it has the date on it). June 5, 2007

Do you realize - probably not, what a scary thing for you to have been in my brain - that last year at this time, I was dreading each new day? I wasn't scared of going in to labor with Ruth, I was getting tired of being pregnant, but that isn't why I hated getting up in the morning. And it wasn't because I had to have Josh push me out of bed, either. I dreaded getting out of bed, because I would hear a chorus of "Are you still here?" "Haven't you had that baby yet?"

Ruth will be a year old in 10 days, people TEN DAYS! My little tiny baby that I carried for 9 whole months, isn't a baby anymore! This is my Ruthie-Bear and me just hours after she was born...SIGH! Where does the time go?

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Six Weeks!

Six weeks and counting!

By the way, Ruth can say her own name!!!! When our screen saver is on, it flashes through pictures of Ruth. At first she would just get excited and grunt while pointing at the screen. then she would point to the screen, and when asked who the Baby was, she would pat her tummy. Recently she has started pointing at the screen, and when asked who the baby is, she will say, "Bruth!" Ruth is getting better at toddling around! She does prefer to crawl if she wants to get somewhere fast, but she is definitely gaining confidence while walking.

Josh, Ruth and I will be going to the doctor tomorrow - I am going every two weeks now. Soon we will "graduate" to going every week. It would be nice if our visit tomorrow were more than a measure your belly and leave kind of thing. The nice thing is, Josh has the day off tomorrow, so it won't seem like such a waste of time!