Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ruth...I had to take 5 pictures to get a good post-able face.  Totally Josh's daughter!

So it isn't her best smile...it was either this one, or the one of her picking her nose!

Anna-Bear...my chunky monkey I mean bear.

My girls.  They take up all my time.  All of my day.  Oops, there goes the buzzer.  Back to being a Mama again!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Mama's Confession

I must admit to you and to myself that I am not SuperMom, nor am I Wonder Woman. I am a Stay-at-Home-Mama who doesn't have it all together. My home is cluttered. Food is hardly ever on the table on time. I lose my temper. I get angry at my girls. My girls whine. They complain. They sometimes don't make it to the toilet on time, and mess their pants. They sometimes don't do what I ask or tell them to do.

But there are times when they melt my heart. For instance, tonight, I was rereading Gracia Burnham's autobiography of when she and her husband Martin were held hostage for a year. I was at the end, and reading how she was explaining to her kids how their Papa died. Ruth asked me an insignificant question, and I started bawling. Ruth (as she has since she was 6 months old) got really concerned that her Mama was crying. She got off the couch, where she was sitting next to me, stood in front of me and said, "Mama, do you need me to hug you?" I readily accepted, as you can imagine!
There are times when Shalom will come to me and say, "Mama, can I hold you?" or "Mama, can I sit on you lap?" Again, my heart melts, and I pull my little cuddle-bug into my lap!

I really do love my girls. They do melt my heart, and remind me of God's grace and new mercies every morning!

My Cuddle~Bugs

Family Picture Time

In the girls room

in our room

In the doorway

In the living room

In the kitchen

The question is: Which one to send out in a newsletter? If you have already voted on Facebook, you can't vote again!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pop Quiz - Who Am I?

Note: Papa didn't even get this one right!