Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas with the Eskimos

Ok, so we didn't really spend Christmas with the Eskimos. We actually have been privileged to spend Christmas in Alaska with Josh's whole family! I was able to meet Rachel's husband Todd, and Megaera and Timmy. We were able to re-introduce Ruth to Aunt Rachel, Uncle Aaron and her cousin Sam. Sam tried to teach Shalom how to walk, and believes he taught Ruth to walk backwards!

Ruth and Shalom are doing well up here in the Great White North. Ruth was able to play out in the snow yesterday with her Grandpa (his first day off since Sunday) and her Papa. It took her a bit to like the cold, though. Shalom decided to try out a growth spurt while in Alaska, and due to her tremendous chomping abilities, has everyone convinced that she has teeth coming in! Ruth is also picking up new phrases like "Thank You."
My sweet little baby girl, Shalom, has taken up a new exercise. It seems while we were all asleep, Shalom crept out into the living room, and was practing her new "Marine Crawl." Yes, you heard me, Shalom is scooting across the floor on her belly, elbows and knees. Not only that, Josh is actually ENCOURAGING her to crawl by putting things in front of her to scoot towards!!! With a husband like that who needs enemies!?!?!? (NOTE: For all you worried Mom's out there, Shalom did not actually get out of our room - I was adding that for effect!)
That's about it from The Larson's. Hope your Christmas was a fun one filled with memories of joy with family!
Josh, Rebekah, Ruth and Shalom

Friday, December 14, 2007

Doesn't it bug you?

Doesn't it bug you when people don't update their blogs? I know it bugs me! And I am SO guilty!

So much is happening! Ruth is becoming a talker! The other day, she and I were "talking" and she looked at me and said, "See, Birds." (Bird said like it does when Bambi said it on the Bambi movie.) I looked behind me out the window, and a flock of geese was flying away!

As of this writing, we are beginning a three week vacation in Alaska! Ruth and Shalom did REALLY well flying West! It was hard on Shalom always being held, she REALLY likes her tummy time! She also only falls asleep when laying down, she doesn't like to be held while going to sleep. Ruth would climb under her Papa's seat back to my seat to sit with me. It was kind of cute to see her little face peering at me from the floor!

Anyway, I am hoping to be able to send pictures of Ruth playing in the snow sooner or later!