Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cars, books cuteness and accomplishments

Our wonderful Papa. He was working on taking down the full fuel tank of a van. Isn't he amazing?!?!

I looked up from making breakfast, and this is what I saw! Papa and I are reading the Little House on the Prairie series, and Ruth got ahold of the book. She is looking at the pictures at the top of the pages.

Just pure, sweet Shalom cuteness!

She is wearing her Papa's work cap

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is a picture of Mama. No, it is not a belly shot - I am showing you all the skirt I made! Yes, Rebekah Lynn Larson pulled out her sewing machine wedding present, and made herself a skirt...almost completely without help! The only thing done for me was the button hole to put the ties thru!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Imitations and Iron Intake

Papa was relaxing after supper one night, and Ruth decided to imitate him.
She busted out with some serious belly laughs!

Can you tell this is an "Okay, Mama, take the picture already!" kind of picture?

I just thought she looked SO cute and "Little House on the Prairie-ish."

Each evening, when the weather is good, I take Ruth and Shalom to pick Papa up from work. One night, Joe - Josh's boss - gave Ruth two off brand (NOT Snap-On) wrenches. Shalom decided one morning she needed more Iron than I could give her, so she was munching on one of them.

The Larson's are well this month. Ruth and Shalom were playing the other day. Actually, Shalom was laying in her bouncey chair playing with a toy, and Ruth was leaning over talking to her. Shalom touched the toy to Ruth's head, and Ruth got all excited because her hair was clinging to her head. A little later, we were walking down the hall putting clothes away, and Ruth was rubbing her head making what I can only describe as a static sound. She was trying to make static in her hair again!

Josh is still down in the shop working on vehicles. Some nights when he comes home he has "Family time" where he plays with Ruth while I make supper, etc., other nights hw has a work night where he works around the house on little projects. Josh has made more room in my kitchen by finding us a new table, and taking out the "Entertainment center," that was actually our catch-all. He put in a new cabinet that takes up half the space and has more room, AND made room for our new heater! One of the guys who just moved down here brought with him a used Monitor heater. It will take less energy to run it, AND the fuel for it costs less than what we are currently paying! Josh is SO handy and wonderful to have around!

Papa - much to Mama's chagrin - is encouraging Shalom to crawl. He is trying to strengthen Shalom's back by putting her on her hands and knees as often as possible. She sccots around just fine on her tummy in a "Marine crawl." My babies are growing! Time for another!?!?!?! Just kidding, I think! ;)