Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Apple Sauce and Friends

Well, we are here - here is Bernville, PA. We are getting settled, and marveling at what God has done for us. God is amazing, and the way He takes care of us is absolutely MINDBOGGLING! We arrived safely. The girls traveled beautifully! Josh fit all of our necessary stuff into a Trail Blazer, and our extras (bottom wipes, etc.) - well let me start over.

The weekend before we left, former FS crew members, Matt Craven and Sara Stoner came down for the week. Well, they both live in Virginia, and Sara's family lives in Harrisburg, PA. They kindly offered to bring up our unnecessary things when she comes to PA for one of her family visits. So, we barely left anything behind in Louisiana!

OK, this is a picture from Saturday. Licia (the woman who introduced us to CMTS) and I had talked about making apple sauce. Saturday after lunch, all of the Larsons went to the Bajus (Bay-jus) home and the kids (except Shalom, of course) and our dear husbands went to pick the apples. They came home and we started cutting up apples at 3:30pm. We finished everything by 8:30pm, and have 40 quarts of apple sauce to split this winter! The kids are posing with the equipment... There is Ruth in the background, with Abigail and Phineas.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

A Letter from Josh

Dear Friends,

This is the letter we just sent out to everyone. We, the Larson Family, after many years at Friend Ships (4 for Josh, 5 for Rebekah) and moving on to another ministry.


Well Friends and Family,

I'm sitting here tonight (Mon the 6th) and I am just in awe of how good God is, and how trustable and true He is! I remember when Rebekah and I were waiting to get married and how He set the date and supplied all that we needed. And I remember trying to get ready for the trip to Israel, and how He made all the supplies and paper work for us Larsons (x3) just come together at just the right time.

Well, six weeks ago, He told me that we were going to a ministry in Pennsylvania and that we were leaving on August 11th. I only told my wife at first, partially because it seems an odd thing to tell people that you are going somewhere when that somewhere doesn't know you even exist... The other reason was so we could watch how God pulled it all together.

The eleventh is this Saturday, Wow, what a trip these last 6 weeks have been. It's been fun and it has been QUITE a trip! Over half the funds that we guestimated that we would need came in from people that didn't know we were going somewhere, and it all came from unexpected sources!!! Wow, what a trip it has been these last six weeks!

It has been a privilege and a pleasure watching God pull something that seemed impossible together with time to spare! Wow - and - WOW! I must say thank you to those of you that God used to make this move possible. You were just in time, even though you know nothing about us going anywhere. Thank you. And to all of you that think of us Larson's on occasion, thanks for your prayers and support of us as we strive to serve our God and Faithful Master.

I feel so loved right now. I truly don't know why God would care so much about me. I just don't understand it. He is definitely worth serving!

We Larsons thank you for your prayers as we move to a new home and a new set of circumstances, Yes, God does know what He is doing and He knows best. Amen.

I don't know much (yet) about CMTS (Christian Missionary Technical Services). Basically, they have a fleet of cars that they keep up and insured that they rent out at a low cost to missionaries that come home on furlough. We will tell you more as we find out.

Josh (and my three God-sent girls)