Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Next Step

Nice looking shed, isn't it?

Wait, a shed with a place for chickens to roost?

and lay eggs?

Be careful!

It's a jungle in there!!!!
Ahh...much better!  (By the way, yours truly cleared out all that brush by herself...with a little hacksaw!  I haven't touched a saw like that in...well...since my junior year of high school! )

Well, if you haven't figured it out yet...we are getting some hens!!!!  Farm fresh eggs!  Someone offered the Ranch some hens...and the only place for them is over here at the Farmhouse, because that is where the chicken coop is!  This is actually something we have contemplated for a year or two...and then after we moved into this house Josh started talking about getting chickens in a year or two.  And God just handed us some hens!  =D

Oh, and we also discovered that right next to the chicken the PERFECT spot for a GOAT!!!!!!  We will definitely be waiting a year or two for that one...and then there is the possibility of rabbits...

The possibilities are ENDLESS!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ranch Life Seems to Agree with 'Em! (Photo Barf...)

Our Little Women/Ranch Hands

Ezra trying out the walking boots

Ready for work!

Anna sure does love that Little Man...for now anyway!

"Let's pretend we're riding horses!"

Papa hard at work.

Ezra investigating




Even Ezra!

A hard day's work finally done!

Friday, January 13, 2012


This was my last sight of Josh as I sailed away from him with Friend Ships on the first voyage to Israel in 2003.
Josh teaching Ruth the ins and outs of balancing on a Ashdod, Israel.

The (crazy) young Larson Family before they set sail for Israel 3 years after my first voyage.

Ruth was not allowed out on deck very often, but when we were in Port, she had to have her "hard hat" on.

The Larsons with the Galilee in the background.

The Larsons on The Galilee.

Ruth and Rebekah in the Tower of David.

Josh and a crew member in the Tower of David with Jerusalem (the new city) in the background.

The youngest member of the IDF?!

Ruth was not enjoying the walk back to the ship on our first trip out of the Port...

My heart has always belonged to Israel.  Always.  Ask my parents.  For as long as I can remember, I have loved the people of Israel, and having been blessed (oh yes, I did, Joanna!) to have been there twice...I have fallen in love with the Land!  I would live there today, if God would let us.  I'd move our family in a heartbeat!

Friend Ships is opening an office in the Land of Israel!  No...we are not moving to Israel.  But I wanted to share with you the awesome thing God is using Friend Ships to do for His People!  Just click on my last statement.  Maybe God would have YOU help Friend Ships serve Israel, in Jesus' Name.