Sunday, February 6, 2011

Two Months

My Little E-Man is two months old (well, on Wednesday)!  Time flies. Check out the latest!

My Boy found his thumb!  He seemed pretty intent on keeping it in his mouth too, in spite of the fact Anna kept taking it out of his mouth!  Of course, she was sucking HER thumb at the time...

Anna LOVES Ezra!  Adores him!  Often times, I am pretty sure she wishes she were bigger.  She sees her sisters holding Ezra, and helping, and I know (by her actions) that she longs to do the same!

Shalom is growing so much!  I have been noticing her face seemed different.  Took me a couple days to figure out what was up. Then it hit me...she doesn't look like a toddler anymore.  Her face is thinning, and she is starting to look (and act) like a Little Lady!  Where is the time going?!?!?!
 Speaking of time flying by...check out my almost five year old!  Ruth, my Girl who started me on this journey called no longer a Baby, nor toddler.  She is branching out.  She is grasping things now that were once difficult for her.  Ruth has been begging me for DAYS to help her finish a sewing craft Grammy bought her almost 2 years ago.  Remembering the frustration doing this project brought me, I told her to ask her Papa (who has more patience than Job himself!).  When they had to put the project away, Josh remarked about how "she got it" - she understood what was expected and flourished in the responsibility of the project. 
She is also excelling in the learning department.  My Mother-in-law's friend sent me a link to teaching the girls to read (she knew we were trying to homeschool) phonetically.  After two weeks, fifteen minutes (give or take) of daily hearing letter sounds, Ruth can tell me all her letter sounds except for G, Q, W,X and Y.  She has started "getting" Q and Y now too.

So that is life this month in the Larson home.