Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Monday, November 15, 2010

It's mid-November...aka, Happy Birthday, My Love!

Sheesh.  Life flew by...and I don't even remember blinking.

We are in the apartment, 95% settled.  The only things we really need to unpack are the Baby clothes...maybe tomorrow!  : P  It has been emotion city here the last week or so.  Josh is working now, which is a very good thing (I shall explain), and the girls are missing him something awful!  As a good friend tried to tell me, all the upheaval of the last month - even the time-change - and the new Baby coming is messing with us all...big time.

God has provided a van for the Larsons!  A friend from CMTS has a van that needs the transmission rebuilt (which this friend does very well!).  We will be getting the van for...the cost to rebuild the transmission!  And God is TOTALLY providing for that with Josh's job!  Seriously, in one month...we have a van worth $6000 PAID FOR based on the cost to rebuild the transmission.  You can find out what Josh is installing by checking out this site!  Josh - hired as part-time/full-time being his choice - has been working some long hours, being gone 12 hours (give or take half an hour) every day for two weeks.  That is a long time for my girls who love their Papa so!

Speaking of our wonderful is his 31st birthday!  So, in honor of the wonderful Man God has given me, I am going to post my favorite pictures of him and his Girls!  Enjoy!

Taken in a Mall's photo booth.  Ruth and Shalom spotted it, and a friend pushed Josh into it, and paid for the pics.

Engaged.  Probably about 8 weeks before we got married.  We were "reunited" after a separation of 3 weeks while on a medical missions trip to Haiti in Jan/Feb of 2005.
Our first "family picture" taken before we took our little 2mo Ruthie~Bear to ship!

Family picture from 2008.  We were the "models" for a friend taking pics at a mutual friends wedding.

Early 2009...Spring, maybe?

Josh spending time with our new little Anna~Bear.

June of 2010.  Final family pic...Littlest Baby Larson was still quite hidden at the time.  Picture taken at a friends home in West Virginia.

Next blogpost explosion should be in another two or three weeks!  Next up on our agenda...the Announcement of Baby Larson #4!!!!