Friday, September 28, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Well, here we are. This is my home. Not in the best of shape yet, but shaping up quite nicely!

Our home is a mobile home, with an addition on the front (a sewing room - not pictured) and and Arctic Entry/Mud Room on the back. I was telling a friend about our home and I realized that the RY we lived in in Lake Charles was as long as the kitchen and living room...but half as wide! AMAZING!!!

Love the Larsons

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Together at Last

For the first time in four years, the Taylor daughters got together. It was different this time, though. SO many things have you can see by the picture of Grammy and Papa holding the little ones.

So much has changed! Allison and Chris have a two year old named Matthew. I got married, and had two kids. Joanna is figuring out what to do with her military carrier. Joe is in junior high - it seems like yesterday I was changing his diaper!!!

Ruth is developing more character, even since this weekend. She is emphasizing her "sss" when she tries to say yes, her "ppp" for when she wants up is more pronounced. She is doing very good with Shalom! The other day, while Shalom was eating, Ruth came over to me, and put her hand on Shalom and kept kissing her head over and over. SO CUTE!

Shalom weighs 10 lbs! She also is getting quite long. She fits VERY WELL in 6 to 9 month onsies! Scary, huh?

Josh and I are doing well here in PA. I am experiencing the highs and lows of being a stay-at-home Mama, and the juggle of housework vs. babies vs. time to myself to keep sane! Boy, do I appreciate having a friend here with two kids who knows what I am going through, who also appreciates having an adult to talk to! Josh is in charge of the ministry vehicles (the ones used around the property for work, and the ones that go to pick up more cars). Josh likes to tell people that it feels like we took a 20-hr road trip, and ended up back at FS - as far as the work goes!

The weather here is beautiful! Not Louisiana hot, nor Louisiana humid. It does get quite warm and humid, but nothing like Louisiana!

I shall go now, it had been a while and I wanted to let you know what was up with the Larsons.