Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Canning as a Family

This is my tribute to SarahK...

All three girls helped cut apples.

One bushel of apples...three pans to cook them down...

Josh ran the strainer...by this point, Ruth and Anna gave up on the process.

Shalom was 'mostly' there...

My handsome hunk of Man Flesh...without him, no canning would be done in this house.

Seven jars in one sink.

By the time we were done canning for the day, we had filled our sink 3 times with jars to wash and sterilize.  Also by the time we were done canning...I was to tired to take pictures, so you don't get to see the end result - 20 jars of  applesauce.  With the girls help, the cutting time flew by, and it only took us 4 hrs to can 20 jars of sauce.